Stress is Killing us!

April 10, 2018

Stress is killing us. It effects us on every level of our being, restricting muscles, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, increasing your breath rate and pushing your nervous system into the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS); the part of our nervous system responsible for our fight, flight & freeze response. When our nervous system is in the SNS it shuts down our “rest & digest” functions leading to improper digestion, effecting our overall nutritional health.
The average person has approximately 50-75 fight, flight or freeze responses on a regular day, and every time our nervous system is sent into this reactionary system it reinforces neuro-pathways that eventually create reactive patterns in our body and in our behaviour. These physical patterns that often manifest themselves as pain or discomfort, or behaviou
ral issue that can manifest as anxiety or depression are always made worse by stress. A quick search on WebMD shows that the top 10 health problems related to stress that you can fix are:

1) Heart Disease

2) Asthma

3) Obesity

4) Diabetes

5) Headaches

6) Depression & Anxiety

7) Gastrointestinal Problems

8) Alzheimer’s disease

9) Accelerated aging

and last but not least….

10) Premature Death


Getting a handle on stress and dealing with it an a timely and efficient matter can be next to impossible in our fast paced, modern lives. Maintaining relationships, while working full time and working to develop professionally rarely leaves much time for taking care of ones physical health, never mind going into the journey of finding a healthier place in our minds.

At a time in my life when the idea of physical and mental “health” was laughable, I found the powerful Tension & Trauma Release Exercises(TRE®) and everything changed. When I learned that after a few sessions with a practitioner, I could take the exercises that I had learned and use them WHENEVER I wanted without having to rely on anybody else to feel better everything changed. If you’re like me, and would like to take life back into your own hands, join me for a few 1-on-1 TRE® sessions or a 3-week group series and we’ll see if you can start to deal with your stress more effectively and efficiently, on your own terms.

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Stress is Killing us!

April 10, 2018

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April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018

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