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Helping individuals cultivate confidence in their genuine sense of self through deeper understanding of their physical being and the functions of their nervous system

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What is TRE?

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises(TRE®) are a simple and accessible, yet powerfully effective way to release stress and grasp wholeness. TRE® is a series of simple physical exercises that evoke Neurogenic tremors(vibration, shaking) which are a safe and healthy way to discharge stress and calm the nervous system. When the body is able to access safety from within it has an opportunity to soften its disposition and open back up to the fullness of the human experience.

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Reported benefits of continued TRE practice

-A healthy outlet for stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt and many other difficult feelings to process

-A useful tool when you feel angry, frustrated, sad, helpless or hopeless

-Raised awareness of your bodies genuine needs

-Mood Stabilizing and boosting

-Increased emotional resiliency

-Contributes to building a healthier relationship with your own body

-Allows emotions to move more freely and with fluidity

-May help to break negative thought patterns

-May allow you to better manage the emotions and stress of living with chronic conditions

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What happens when you do TRE?

Tension and Trauma Releasing exercises were originally developed to address the impacts of traumatic experiences on the body; however, we have come to learn that TRE benefits all people. Hurtful experiences, stress, and tension are part of everyone's life and we often do not realize how these experiences are etched deep in the mind and body.


Unlike other modalities, TRE is designed to rid the body of this deeply held physical tension and bring the body back to a natural balance where all of the bodily systems are working in harmony. New benefits of TRE reveal themselves everyday, as the body releases held tension and traumatic events. Healing occurs on many different levels both physical and emotional. By reducing stress and tension levels within the body, these exercises have secondary benefits that encompass many areas of an individual's life.

TRE is a simple and affordable process, proven effective in restoring the human spirit.

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